6 reason to enjoy the big game at Kings

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should watch the game at Kings this year.

Super Bowl 51 (LI for the classically inclined) is coming Feb, 5 and Kings is gearing up to celebrate our home team, the New England Patriots, facing off against the Atlanta Falcons. While our fans have long maintained that Kings is your primetime destination for watching the NFL, the Olympic Games and more, we know how tempting it can be on game day to just invite a few friends over, pop open a bag of chips and watch it on your home entertainment system. Heck, after a couple of brewskies and some French onion dip, you won't even be jealous of all those chumps who are watching it at the stadium. 
...Yeeeeeah, maybe not. Let's face it: The big game calls for a big celebration and even bigger fun. There is no place better than Kings to experience it in style, along with mouth-watering flavor and spectacular service. But don't take my word for it: Here are the top 6 reasons why you should watch the game at Kings this year:
The food
Throwing a few steak tips or burgers on the grill can be tasty, but the unpredictable February weather can mean you'll be left shivering out in the cold watching them - and missing the game, might we add. Plus, it can be a real hassle cooking for everyone's individual taste on game day. Tom is a vegetarian, Joyce is gluten-free and Karl eats foods that don't have the letter "E" in the name. Yikes.
Why waste your time watching a grill when you could be watching the game? At Kings, we leave the cooking to our talented chefs, creating scratch-made gourmet offerings ready to be shared. With our new menu, we put the focus on flavor and quality - from the familiar to the exotic. You and your party can split an order of the Bang Bang Calamari, Mini Quesadilla Sampler, or hand-tossed Margherita pizza. Or go with a game day classic and grab an order of wings, now with a host of new exciting flavors, including Korean BBQ with carrot ginger sauce; Sesame Ginger with spicy soy sauce; Spicy BBQ with bleu cheese sauce; Spicy Garlic Parmesan with marinara sauce; and Thai Peanut with coconut lime basil sauce!
Even better, you don't have to keep an eye on the grill. Put in your order, grab an ice cold beverage, and sit back and enjoy the game without having to worry about overcooking those patties. So if you are worried about getting peckish after seeing Lady Gaga model the latest in edible couture at this year's halftime show, Kings makes it easier to satisfy your craving!
The entertainment
Speaking of sitting back and enjoying the entertainment - have we talked about our wall-to-wall HDTV entertainment situation? Here's the gist: We got screens. LOTS of screens. Like, pretty much everywhere you could possibly look. And in case all those screens weren't enough, the entertainment system at Kings features 60,000 watts of bone-crunching game sound. See if you can get that on your sound bar at home without your neighbors calling the cops on you. 
No more craning your neck to see above a packed crowd at your local sports pub or struggling to make out what just happened over the din of people chatting and drinks clattering. Between our jumbo-sized HDTVs and industry-leading sound, watching the game at Kings will make you feel like you're front row with the players  - without having to compliment taciturn Patriots coach Bill Belichick on his sweet custom sleeveless jersey.
Forget about watching the game from the cheap seats, take in all the action at Kings!
Caption: No matter who you're rooting for, this is a flavor offense that can't be beat. 
The drinks
Yeah, you could just grab a 36 rack of your favorite (i.e. least nasty) light beer - but where's the fun in that? At Kings, not only do we feature a curated and seasonally rotated selection of ice cold brew-dogs, but we also have a variety of crafty cocktails for every taste. Search for your last shaker of salt with the refreshing and frozen Bad Habit or go with our classically inspired Fundamentalist. We even have our Big Ball cocktails designed for sharing with friends. And while we're on the subject of friends....
The environment
The last thing you want is to pile 8 to 15 of your buddies into your tiny living room. Where is everyone going to sit? Do you have enough TV trays and koozies for the whole gang? 
At Kings, we have space for you to spread out. Whether you're flying solo or bringing the entire interoffice fantasy league, we specialize in accommodating groups of all sizes, so you don't have to play host.
Also, let's be honest: Even if you're just spending the afternoon watching the game, you want the world to see how cool you are. If you're posting to Instagram, would you rather your friends see you in a chic, classy environment celebrating alongside rabid fans, or at home on the couch with a bowl of Doritos? Yeah, that's what we thought too. 
The fun and camaraderie
Sometimes our teams don't win, in spite of our team spirit, enthusiastic cheers and willingness to get in an all-out Twitter war with traitorous, Seahawks-loving scientists (We'll never forgive you, Bill Nye. From here on out, we're getting all my childhood infotainment from Beakman's World...).
Whether you'll be celebrating a mega win or licking the wounds of a loss, it's better to do so in good company than alone (at least that's what our shrink tells us). If you find that your team isn't likely to take home the trophy, Kings can ease the pain with our aforementioned ice cold drinks and delicious food. As an added bonus, if you need to be distracted, our signature lanes and games can turn the sting of your team's defeat into personal triumph. Let's see Neil deGrasse Tyson try and take that away from you!
No cleanup
The best reason to have your Super Bowl party at Kings? No cleanup. Forgot about having to power-wash your living room and trash enough disposable plates and cutlery to choke a pod of dolphins. At Kings, all you have to worry about is having the best possible time. 
The Super Bowl is coming fast, make a reservation for your party at a local Kings today!