7 reasons why a Kings Gift Card is the perfect holiday gift

Unlike a Furby, Kings Bowl Gift Cards never go out of style. 

Unlike a Tamagatchi, Kings Gift Cards never go out of style.

What do you get for the person in your life who has everything - or at least has finally recovered from that terrible incident with the hoverboard you got them last year?
This year, why not skip the latest (potentially explosive) gadgets and go with something you know they'll love? A Kings Gift Card is the perfect gift for all the adults in your life, appealing to those who love games, entertainment, and gourmet food and drink. Give them to your friends, your family, your in-laws, your boss, your employees, your local congressman, that guy at the barbershop who always calls you "Hank" (even though you've told him a thousand times your name is "Tom").
Even better, there hasn't been a single report of a Kings Gift Card burning anyone's house down!
Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why a Kings Gift Card is the perfect choice for holiday gifts:
1. They can be used at ANY location nationwide
Need something for your cousin in Chicago? What about Aunt Petunia in Tennessee? What about that knucklehead Marky and a bunch of his funky friends in Beantown? Kings has you covered: Any gift card can be used at all Kings locations nationwide. With nine current locations in the continental U.S. - and more coming soon - no matter where your loved ones live or travel to, their gift card will be valid!
2. They're nondenominational
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe or simply make a seasonal offering to the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl (may his mighty wings keep him forever aloft and his mercy spare us from being devoured as we sleep), everyone in your family will be united and grateful for the the good times and great food that comes with a Kings Gift Card. 
3. They're perfect stocking stuffers
Have you ever tried to gift wrap a full-sized bowling alley, pool table, dozens of full-sized HDTVs, handcrafted cocktails and delicious appetizers like Bacon Sriracha Deviled Eggs? We have and trust us, it makes a real mess. Forget about trying to shove all that good food and fun into a tiny stocking: Kings Gift Cards can easily fit safely and snugly in your wallet. 
4. You can skip the doorbuster sale mayhem
"...the horror! The horror!"
Listen, we've all seen the carnage that comes every Black Friday. Pushing and shoving for that last plasma screen TV and latest high tech crockpots. Skip the slaughterhouse and stay home, where all you have to do is head to the Kings Gift Card website and shop for everyone on your nice list. It's quick, easy and (most importantly) safer than braving the holiday shopping rush. Not to mention you'll get $40 in Kings Bonus Cards that you can keep for yourself!
5. No postage required
When you buy a Kings Gift Card, a physical card is mailed to an address of your choosing or you can have a virtual card sent to the recipient's email. Standard USPS shipping is free, with optional UPS ground and Next Day Shipping upgrades for an additional cost. 
6. They're great last-minute gifts
It's December 24 - feel like you're forgetting something? Wake up Encino Man, you've got gifts to buy! If you're looking for a last-minute gift, a virtual Kings Gift eCard can be sent instantly to the email of the recipient. Heck, you could roll out of bed Christmas morning and take care of all your holiday shopping faster than you can say "chestnuts roasting on an open fire."
7. It's the holiday bonus that everyone can enjoy
No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade but if you're looking to get everyone in the office a little token of your appreciation, maybe a Hooters gift card isn't the ideal choice (Greg from HR would agree with us). Kings is classy yet fun, with something for everyone to enjoy.
Kings Gift Cards are available in ANY any amount, are good at all Kings locations and can be used for bowling, table games, food and drinks. Click here to buy online today!
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