Ready, Set, Bowl! 5 Reasons to Finish Marathon Monday at Kings

April 17, 2017, is Marathon Monday - an annual, 26.2 mile run celebrating feats of strength, endurance and patriotism that is uniquely Boston. As athletes from all over the world limber up and get ready to take their place among the almost 40 thousand registered runners, Kings Bowl would like to celebrate the champion spirit in all of us. Whether this is your first year running or your 50th - or even if you’re just there to cheer on the runners and cloak them in tinfoil blankets - consider capping off Marathon Monday with a stop at Kings. Here are the top 5 reasons to make Kings your real Boston Marathon finish line.
1. Right Next Door to Victory
It’s a safe bet that after a 42k run, the last thing you’d want to do is hoof it halfway across the city to get a bite and a beer. Even the #BostonStrong-est will be looking to put their feet up after hitting the finish line.
...Yeah, maybe don’t try to ‘walk it off.’
Kings Bowl Boston is conveniently located just 0.1 miles from the Marathon finish line and 0.5 from Fenway Park. No packing into the Green Line necessary. If you’re looking to celebrate finishing but your legs are feeling a little wobbly, we’re well within stumbling distance. 
2. Carbo Load Like the Pros
Sorry Dr. Atkins, but when you’re about to run over 26 miles, a little carbo loading is a good thing.
Guy Eating
Though we do recommend finishing the race before going hard in the paint on the alfredo.
Whether you’re running or just looking to get into the spirit of the athletes, Kings is the perfect place to gobble up those carbs in delicious, executive-chef designed creations. From our glorious Four Cheese Pasta - made with with Cavatappi, four cheese alfredo sauce, spinach, marinated basil tomatoes & pesto and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs - or one of our gourmet, hand-tossed pizzas, Kings is where the champs show and you can chow like a champ. 
3. Rehydrate (After a Fashion)
Those little cups of water the race volunteers hand out may keep you from overheating while you’re pounding the pavement - but when the race is done, there’s another thirst that’ll need quenching. 
funny dog hose
May your thirst for victory be sated with this much dignity and grace.  
The crafty cocktails and ice-cold beer offered by Kings are the perfect way to replenish if you’re sick of guzzling water. From our refreshing seasonal sangria, to the icy frozen treat of the Bungalow or Bad Habit cocktail, to an ever-rotating selection of brews, you’ll find something delicious on the menu at Kings. Even better, if you and a few friends are looking to celebrate finishing the entire race, why not split a Baller cocktail, i.e. our signature mix of mango, peach and champagne? Perfect for sharing with up to four people, with no bottle popping required!
4. Plenty of Space to Dodge the Crowds
In addition to the tens of thousands of runners registered, hundreds of thousands of people converge on Boston every Patriot’s Day to witness the spectacle and cheer on the marathon participants. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds for a bit on Marathon Monday, Kings Boston is the perfect spot: Roughly 24,000 square feet of food and fun is waiting for you, complete with dozens of HDTVs and state-of-the-art sound tuned into the race and other sporting events. Feel like you’re right there next to the runners without getting sweated on. 
my sweat
Not all of us have teams of dabbers waiting for us at the finish line.
5. Easter Dinner Has Never Been More Fun
Patriot's Day and Marathon Monday aren’t the only events going on that weekend (in spite of what your favorite Wahlberg might tell you). Need a hint?
If you want to skip all the cooking and cleaning of holiday dinner at home this year, Kings Bowl is the perfect family-friendly Easter Weekend destination. We offer great family packages, including food served right on your designated bowling lane, as well as our signature Eat Then Bowl reservations and more. Space on the holiday weekend is limited, so book your family lane package today!
Kings Bowl is the ideal good-time destination for relaxing, celebrating, gathering with friends and family or just beating the crowds this Marathon Monday. This year, run - don’t walk - to Kings to enjoy all the gourmet food, refreshing drinks and spectacular lanes and games we have to offer. 
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