Game, set, matchmaking: Kings as the ultimate first date destination

For the ultimate "meet cute," come by Kings.
When love is only a right-swipe away, finding the midpoint between the basic coffee meetup and a Netflix and chill is important. You want that first date to be fun and memorable, without straining too hard and putting pressure on it.
Whether it's with a complete stranger or a long time friend you're starting to see in a new light, everyone is looking for the ultimate "meet cute" where they can connect in a way that is unique and low-pressure. That's why Kings is one of the hottest destinations for your romantic evening — whether it's a first date or a 50th wedding anniversary.
"Forget the dating cliches of dinner and a movie."
Fun, interactive and casual
Forget the dating cliches of dinner and a movie: Dinner at a fancy restaurant can feel too intense and lead to awkward silences, particularly if you accidentally drop juicy Game of Thrones spoilers. (Shh, we're waiting to binge it!) A night at the movies can have almost the opposite problem, as you and your date sit in the dark for two hours without exchanging a word — not to mention the difficulty of choosing a movie that you and this virtual stranger might enjoy.
At Kings, you'll be able to interact with your date face-to-face. You will find yourselves both talking, laughing and enjoying your evening out, more than you would just staring at a screen. But unlike dinner in a restaurant, you don't have to feel pressure to fill every gap in the conversation: Kings offers unique games, great music and entertainment options to keep you both having fun.
Owner of a lonely heart? Not at Kings!
Looking for a funky spin on the classic "meet for drinks"? Kings' menu has inspired drinks and cocktails, with two-person options to share for that touch of a retro "at the malt shop with your best guy/gal" vibe. Want to get the blood pumping? Why not hit the bowling lanes and see who wins? Nothing like a little friendly competition to break the ice. Who knows, even if you get totally clobbered by your date on the lanes, you might end up scoring in the end. And heck, in the worst-case scenario where the night is taking a total turn for the uncomfortable, Kings is big enough to discreetly sneak out. 
"Kings makes it easy and pick up the bill without breaking the bank."
A gourmet experience at a first date price
OK, so maybe your budget is closer to "Order a pizza and stream 'Parks and Recreation'" than a fancy night out. Don't worry: Kings offers affordably priced appetizers, entrees and desserts designed by our executive chef, using gourmet ingredients and made fresh to order. This includes a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options as well. And if you are still strapped for cash, our nightly specials make it easy to pick up the bill without breaking the bank.
The ultimate matchmakers
Even if your Aunt Mildred and Uncle Morty had their first date at a bowling alley back in the day, Kings represents an enjoyable, eminently memorable and — most importantly — supremely romantic experience. But don't just take our word for it: Kings has been the setting of over 50 proposals, engagement photo shoots and rehearsal dinners for patrons looking to commemorate the place they first met.
We're the ultimate matchmakers, so come by and see for yourself what makes Kings a romantic destination. Maybe you'll be the next to make lasting memories with someone you love at Kings.
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