Have a sweet Valentine's with your sweetie at Kings

Feeling apprehensive about Cupid drawing back his bow this Valentine's Day? Not looking forward to the sneering judgment of your waiter at that hoity-toity French bistro? Worried about getting seasick on your romantic gondola ride?
Here's a tip from Dr. Love*: Romance is all about the excitement and thrill of having a great time with someone you love. This Valentine's Day, forget about the cliches of flowers and chocolates and take your date somewhere where you can have fun, eat great food, share crafty cocktails and create unforgettable memories. That's right, Casanova: We're talking about Kings.
"The key word here is 'unforgettable."
Date night gets an upgrade
The key word here is "unforgettable." Years from now, are you really going to remember if you ordered the squab or the pork medallions at that uptight fancy restaurant? Unlikely. On the other hand, making that 7-10 split out of the blue - as well as the subsequent victory dance you pulled out - are memories you and your loved one aren't likely to forget any time soon.
Kings makes date night - whether it's Valentine's Day or just a regular Thursday - a truly unforgettable experience. Rather than just sitting across from each other and listening to silverware clink on fine china, the games, music and entertainment that we offer turns your night out into an interactive, truly engaging evening - with no awkward downtime. Whether it's a first date, blind date or a 50th anniversary celebration, the chance to create last memories of good food and fun together is what will make this Valentine's Day truly special.
Genuine food (without the 'tude)
Part of what makes Kings the ideal date destination is that our menu walks the line between fine dining and hearty comfort food. With appetizers and entrees made for sharing - whether it's our classic Mac & Cheese Bites, Bang Bang Calamari, Baja Shrimp Tacos or our classic Grilled Steak Tips - our menu puts the emphasis on the flavor, not frou -frou. A variety of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free specialties, means that you can find something for every diet and palate. Our expert chefs and renowned customer service mean that we are happy to accommodate special requests as needed.
Sweet, refreshing and made to be shared.
Sweet, refreshing and made to be shared. And your last chance to enjoy is Valentine's Day 2018.
Drinks made for sharing
You know, that thing where two people share a single strand of spaghetti is much less romantic in real life than it looks in TV and movies (trust us; we almost lost an eye that way). Instead, why not opt for a delicious cocktail that is made for sharing?  Our Big Ball cocktails are made to order and combine premium liquor and fresh fruit juices - served in an oversized glass that is perfect for two. They've been a staple on our menu and will be retiring this Valentine's Day (2018) with our new Beverage Menu Release (greater cocktails will be added, just wait and see!) And don't worry if you're flying solo and thirsty: We also have a "For one" version!
If you are looking for something that will better suit unique tastes, we feature handcrafted cocktails, a rotating tap of fresh beers and other delicious and refreshing beverages. You and your sweetie can go full naughty Archie and the Riverdale gang by splitting a Screaming Cherry Coke or a spiked Adult Milkshake. 
Plan your entire evening with a single click
Part of what makes Valentine's Day so nerve-wracking is juggling all your plans. You've got the restaurant reserved for 6 p.m., dessert scheduled for 8:15 p.m., and drinks and dancing from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Any little delay can throw off your entire schedule, requiring you to frantically call and beg to see if the maître d' can push your reservation back (fat chance, bud).
Kings makes planning an entire night on the town easy: With our Dine Then Bowl reservations, you simply choose your closest Kings Bowl, put in your reservation and arrive for dinner at the scheduled time. Once you've finished with dinner, you get moved to the head of the wait list for a bowling lane. It's dinner and entertainment, all with a few clicks! Plus our delicious drinks and desserts mean that Kings is a one-stop shop for a romantic evening. 
Get social 
"Grandpa, where did you and Gam-mama meet?"
"Well, little Flobert, way back in 2017, there was this thing called Tinder..."
"A night on the town at Kings is the ultimate sharable experience."
Dating in the 21st century is all about the social: Whether you're swiping in search of true love or just looking to share your favorite moments of your romantic night out with friends and followers, being able to capture pictures and video of a dynamic, vibrant spot is key. A night on the town at Kings is the ultimate shareable experience - why do you think so many celebrities and sports stars make Kings their party time destination? Even if you don't have a sweetie, Kings is the perfect social hub: As a nexus for the best in food, fun, and entertainment, you might even have a chance to meet someone new!
Day or night, Kings is the spot
Not currently on the dating scene? No sweat - Kings Dining & Entertainment is fun for parties of 1 to 100. Come during the day for a family-friendly environment or grab a group of your closest buds and make it an evening of wings, brews, and sports watching on any one of our jumbo HDTVs. Even if you want to swing by late at night, our kitchen and bars are open until we close, along with all our signature lanes and games.
If you want to get in on the fun and flirty atmosphere that Kings Dining & Entertainment has to offer, book your Valentine's Day reservation today!
*Technically, I'm a podiatrist, which means that you should seek a second opinion from a specialist for all love- and romance-based medical advice.
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