How to Make Sure Your Thanksgiving Class Reunion Doesn't Suck

Looking for tips to help you turn your class reunion into a night you'll always remember? Follow these simple Dos and Don'ts to be the head of your class!

Looking for tips to help you turn your class reunion into a night you'll always remember?

Follow these simple Dos and Don'ts to be the head of your class!
Turkey Day is on its way! One of the curious side effects of the national holiday where everyone gets together with family and friends to count their blessings is that it's also the season of formal and informal class reunions. Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year as people come home and reunite with their high school classmates.
Unfortunately, the grungy local pub you used to sneak into with your fake ID probably hasn't held up nearly as well as you have. Rather than spending the evening at that old watering hole, why not showcase how far you've come by gathering at Kings Bowl? Between the top-notch refreshing cocktails, gourmet food, state-of-the-art entertainment and our signature lanes and games, Kings is the perfect place to catch up with the old gang in style and comfort.
Looking for tips to help you turn your class reunion into a night you'll always remember (in a good way, unlike your prom night)? Follow these simple Dos and Don'ts to be the head of your class*!
(*Editor's note: The following advice is purely for entertainment purposes and is unlikely to get you elected to any academic office. Mostly because they don't have elections at class reunions. If you do find yourself elected, be wary of it being some kind of sadistic prank, resulting in getting doused in pig's blood during your acceptance speech.)
DO brag about how far you've come
Humility is for dorks! If you grabbed life by the horns, lived life in the fast lane, refused to drive 55 (and other semi-motivational expressions), now is the time to show off the fruits of all your hard work over the years. Whether you're working for NASA, helping decode the human genome or just managing a franchise of local tanning salons, class reunions are the perfect time to show all those naysayers the kind of big shot you've become.
Even if you're still living in your parent's basement, don't be afraid to brag a little about how you bought yourself a BRAND-NEW factory defect Tempur-Pedic mattress AND a larger terrarium for your exotic lizards. Carpe diem and all that jazz!
DON'T dwell on your high school achievements
Class reunions don't only have to be about rehashing the glory days. Just because you scored the winning basket at the homecoming game - while simultaneously dealing with a particularly nasty bout of adolescent lycanthropy - doesn't mean your old classmates want to hear about it for the millionth time.
Instead, why not try and create new achievements by challenging your classmates to a game at Kings? Whether you want to bowl, shoot a round of pool or play skee ball or just play a game of giant Jenga like you used in your parent's rec room, playing a game or two at Kings is your chance to show off your mad skills now that you've finally conquered puberty and know where babies come from! Plus everything is better when you can drink while you're doing it!
DO ask your old crush to dance
Just because they were out of your league back then (so, so out of your league...) doesn't mean you don't have a shot with them now! That prom queen who laughed as her jock boyfriend pantsed you at the Arbor Day assembly may be very interested in you since you became a billionaire with your anti-pantsing app "ShameHidr." Similarly, the captain of the football team who only asked you to the homecoming as part of an elaborate bet will gladly buy you a drink now that he's lost his hair and packed on a few, while you've gone on to success as the director of the beloved teenage rom-com She's Got IT! Just remember: It's your time to shine. You get to reject them for a change!
DON'T reveal how you've been Facebook-stalking your old classmates for years
Listen: It's unsettling when you tell someone you haven't seen in 20 years that their newborn's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. We all enjoy checking in on our schoolyard chums via social media, but it's best to not seem overly familiar with the intimate goings on of your former classmates. When your old lab partner from junior year biology tells you wistfully about how their first marriage didn't exactly pan out, simply pop another one of Kings' delicious Bacon Sriracha Deviled Eggs in your mouth and resist the urge to say, "I knew it wasn't the real thing when he bought you that panini press last Christmas."
DO have fun with it
Want to mess with the heads of your old classmates? Dress exactly like you did in high school and claim you just emerged from a 20 year coma! Talk loudly about how you were part of a medical miracle while you marvel at the wonders this strange future world has to offer! Sample dialogue:
"Yeah, this 'Apple Watch' seems cool, but my Swatch has a built in calculator AND can be switched to military time! Beat that!"
"Is Stryper still touring? I love that band!"
"Man oh man, you read this 'Art of the Deal' book? This Trump guy seems like a real character!"
DO buy a round for the old gang
Class reunions are the perfect time to bury the hatchet, abandon childhood grudges and reconnect with old friends. Keep it light and order a round of delicious apps and cocktails, like Kings' famous sweet and tangy Baked Wings or a refreshing and fruity Big Baller. The combination of amazing food, fun and spectacular service Kings is known for along with the good times and nostalgic vibes is sure to have everyone clamoring to schedule the next reunion.
Get ahead of the holiday rush and book your part at your local Kings Bowl!
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