New Year's Resolutions Countdown: How to Not Drop the Ball on 2019

Quick: How are you planning to self-actualize 2019 into a year that blows all the other years out of the water? At Kings, we want you to be your best and baddest self, starting when that countdown hit zero. No more excuses, it’s time to turn this thing around - and to help, we’ve put together a few clutch resolutions to help get a jump on the 2019 you, courtesy of Kings. Here’s a few ways to embrace the New Year at Kings:
1. Be More Social
The New You needs a new posse! If you’re looking to make new friends while you keep the old, put yourself out there: Take some classes, join a social club or start a bowling league at Kings to get a little variety into your life while you forge new friendships in the crucible of adult activities!
2. Get Healthy
Ahhh, this old chestnut. True, this has probably made it on to the resolutions list in years gone by, but 2019 feels like the time is right for some follow through. If past years have taught us anything, getting in shape comes down to making exercising fun - and what's more fun than bowling? With the average person burning almost 300 calories an hour knocking down the pins, Kings makes it easy to do double duty playing games and getting in fighting trim.
3. Embrace IRL & Limit Screen Time
Even though we’re more connected than ever with social media, it’s easy to find yourself feeling isolated. Instead of getting lost in the endless scroll - or worse, coveting thy neighbor’s Instagram hangouts - put yourself out there and embrace a fun time out with friends, family and your coworkers. Don’t worry, Instagram will still be there when you’re done.
4. Shake Up Your Routine
Looking to bust out of the rut and try new things? Kings is your spot. Between our signature lanes, table games like pool, skee ball and air hockey, our 1Up Retrocade and nightly promotions, you can have a whole new Kings experience every night of the week! Sorry, Predictable Polly, we don’t do routine. 
5. Do Date Night
The best resolution isn’t one that just impacts you. Take the person you love most - whether its a romantic partner or just a bestie - out for a night on the town, complete with amazing entertainment and gourmet-inspired food from a scratch kitchen. Heck, make Kings date night a standing engagement! With rolling specials and theme nights like Stump trivia and karaoke, you could do something new and unexpected at Kings 5 nights a week. You and your partner will be closer and have more fun in the New Year.
6. Get Out of Debt
We want you to have fun, not break the bank. That’s why we offer deals on deals on deals to help you socialize without spending a pretty penny: Between All-You-Can-Play and THIRDSday specials on lanes and games, and our rotating MMMonthly Specials on Munchies, Mixed drinks and tall, frosty Mugs of beer, a night at Kings won't bust your budget. 
7. Stop Smoking 
You literally can’t smoke in Kings, so we have your self-control covered. And hey, if you manage to cut back on the cigs, you can feel free to...
8. Reward Yourself
Tried any of our new fondues yet? If you’re looking to indulge and treat yo’ self, you could do a heck of a lot worse than our rich and creamy Tomato Bisque Fondue, Buffalo Chicken dip or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert Fondue. 
9. Eat Better
OK, maybe a diet of fondue isn’t exactly going to get you the beach bod you’re looking for in the New Year (even if it’s downright delicious and decadent). Don’t worry, our new menu of sharable, scratch made food is also loaded with fresh, healthy treats to keep that waistline in check: With treats like Seasoned Edamame, Fresh Mozzarella Sandwiches, Baja Grilled Chicken Wraps and Tuna Poke Bowls, you never have to sacrifice flavor to eat healthy. 
What are your New Year's resolutions and how can Kings make them a reality? Sound off on our Facebook and let us know how 2019 is shaping up so far! 
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