Who Has NFL Sunday Ticket Near Me? The Draft Room at Kings Has You Covered.

It’s a classic football lover’s dilemma: Debating the pro’s and con’s of signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket with a new satellite provider, when all you really want to do is catch your team’s out-of-market games or keep tabs on your fantasy squad.  Heck, you’ve been thinking about cutting cable altogether and surviving solely on Netflix, HBO Go and Youtube.  But you’re cursed with a passion for the pigskin and instead have to consider spending hours on hold with a satellite provider, getting steamrolled into signing up for a couple thousand extra HD channels as you get passed off to yet another sales person who explains that the golden Ticket you crave so dearly is only included if you upgrade to the Mega Ultra Platinum Quintuple Play Package.  You ask yourself, “Why, oh why, do I walk this godforsaken earth cursed with such a love of the game that I’m willingly subjecting myself to this!? There’s got to be a better way!”
Hey, let’s skip the existential torment.  Having fun, catching a game and throwing back a few cold ones CAN be simple.  KINGS has you covered with our new Draft Rooms - complete with dozens of draft lines, vintage sports bar vibes, gourmet food, games and that coveted NFL Sunday Ticket. No customer service calls required.
Get the Ticket, Take the Ride
If you find yourself inexplicably excited about the prospect of not having to deal with your satellite provider just to catch the games you love, the KINGS Draft Room is the place for you. Each of the three Draft Rooms - available at our Franklin, TN, Rosemont, IL and Boston-Seaport, MA locations - has a full-ride NFL Sunday Ticket, meaning you have non-stop access to all your favorite games on our massive stadium-quality HD screens. No squinting or standing on tiptoes to catch a glimpse of the action, you can’t miss it with all the TVs we have mounted. National or local, hometown or fantasy, our guests can catch whatever game they want, with unparalleled clarity and booming HD sound.
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Not-So-Typical Bar Food 
So by now, you might have caught on that the KINGS Draft Room is our glitzed up spin on an old-school sports bar. At the same time, we’re not interested in giving you the same old “freezer straight to the greasy fryer” food as your average sports pub: Our scratch kitchen is devoted to making genuine food fresh to order and prepping all our ingredients on-site so that every meal gets its own spotlight. 
This attention to detail filters into every item you’ll find on our Draft Room menu: Sure, we have bar grub staples like Brauhaus Pretzels with cheese dip, nachos, burgers and wings, but are you really going to find exciting and fresh made entrees like Peanut Pad Thai, Baja Street Tacos, Ginger Soy Glazed Salmon, Roasted Beet & Organic Farro Salad and pizza made with hand-stretched dough in a brick fired oven at your local sports bar? Our food is never an afterthought, and with our kitchen open late nights, you never have to weigh a great meal against having a good time.
“Gee, Why’s It Called the ‘Draft Room’?”
We thought it was obvious, but you never know. Sure, it’s the perfect spot to post up with a few buddies and work on your fantasy draft, but truth be told: It’s all about those short line, ice cold drafts pouring some of the best-in-class microbrews and local beers into giant frosty mugs. Each Draft Room has a unique menu of between 20 and 40 rotating handles, guaranteed fresh and refreshing. Curious what we have on tap at the moment? We’re glad you asked, here’s a little preview: 
Franklin, TN:
Yazoo Seasonal
Winseacre Ananda IPA
Hap and Harry Lager
Tennessee Brew works
Rosemont, IL
Goose Island - Old Man Grumpy
Revolution Brewing Anti Hero
Half Acre Pony Pils
Metropolitan Brewing CrankShaft
3 Floyds - Alpha King
3 Floyds - Yum Yum
Shortfuse Brewing - British Invasion
Boston Seaport, MA
Harpoon Winter Blonde
Sam Adams - New England IPA
NIghtShift - Santilli
NIghtShift - Awake
Lord Hobo - Boom Sauce
Lord Hobo - Hobo Life
Jack's Abby - House Lager
Jack Abby - Blood Orange
Bantam Cider - Buzzwig
That said, our lines change regularly! Because we always want to provide fresh, never funky brews, we’ll serve whatever we get until we’re out - then replace it with something seasonal and equally delicious. The best way to find out what we have on offer is to just stop by and have a few!
If you’re like us, your mouth is probably watering - for delicious, scratch-made food, frosty beers and great times. Not to mention that each Draft Room sits nestled in a KINGS proper, meaning you can book a Dine Then Bowl reservation, chow down and catch the game at the Draft Room, then hit the lanes when you’re done. 
Trust us: We got this whole sports bar things down. Come on down and bring the gang. 
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