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You Asked, We Answered: Sharing our New Menu with our Guests

Just because we make delicious, scratch-made food look easy doesn’t mean it is. The fact is, at Kings we’re borderline obsessed with delivering a dining experience to rival an evening at any luxury gastro, yet still have the satisfying, shareable favorites perfect for fueling a night out with friends or family. It’s walking that line between the gourmet and the “stick to your ribs” that makes the food from our scratch kitchen truly unique and satisfying for every palate - and with the debut of our new menu, we’re rolling some of our most delicious creations yet.
culinary mastermindsThe culinary masterminds behind the menu creation (from left to right: Kyle Lewis, Paul Lindsay, Pablo Luque, Chino Lopez, Leo Neves)The Method Behind the Menu 
When our executive chefs started thinking about overhauling our menu, it was never about fixing something broken: Dining has always been an integral part of the Kings experience (it’s in our name, after all) and our goal to elevate the traditional restaurant experience and put quality on the menu. That’s why we’re never content to rest on our laurels; our menu is always evolving as we add seasonal flavors, revamp recipes, and look for ways to integrate freshness and flavor. 
This time, we turned to feedback from our guests to guide us as we reworked our menu. One of the things we heard loudest and most often was that our guests loved being able to share an evening of fun and entertainment with a group of their closest friends, family or co-workers. With that in mind, our new menu items are designed around a shared dining experience: delicious, homemade appetizers and finger-foods, pizza, sliders, bites and plenty of dishes ready to be split between groups of guests and washed down with a towering ice cold beer or crafty cocktail.
Chocolate Chip Cookie FondueChocolate Chip Cookie FondueDon’t Mind if I Fondue
What’s more fun and communal than fondue? Kings offers experiential dining you can’t find anywhere else with our new fondue plates - starting with the Vegetarian Tomato Bisque Fondue served with Focaccia, Fried Mac & Cheese, Handmade mozzarella sticks and Grilled Cheese; the Buffalo Chicken Dip with nacho chips, carrots and celery; capping off with an over the top decadent Chocolate Dessert Fondue. These warm, satisfying dips are built for sharing and will keep toasty, even as you focus on the lanes and games.
Snacks to the Max
Our appetizers and shareable bites have been taken to new heights: Those looking for something fresh and healthy to munch on can enjoy Edamame, served with garlic and red paper. Looking for something a little more hearty, but still healthy? Our fresh Bruschetta features a blend of ripe plum tomatoes, premium whole milk mozzarella, homemade pesto and EVOO served over grilled focaccia that is made in-house daily. 
For a more substantive dish, we are introducing a house smoked and seared Crispy Pork Belly BLT, which will have a honey mustard sauce drizzle over seasoned fried tomatoes. We’ve made the “Impossible” possible with the Impossible™ Cheeseburger Empanadas, filled with the delicious plant-based meat alternative, cheeses and stuffed in a flaky empanada and served with secret sauce.
Bigger Bites and Select Sides
Next up, we have equally shareable (albeit more substantial) bites in the form of House Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders and our new Philly Tuna Bites. Layered with soy ginger tuna, seasoned cream cheese, avocado, edamame, carrots, wonton crackers and wasabi cream, these Tuna Bites are healthy, creavable and look almost too good to eat. If you want to kick things up a notch, you can get your tuna fix either as a Tuna Poke Bowl or Tuna Tacos as well.
Meanwhile, the sides are coming off the sidelines: We are offering a luxurious, creamy Tomato Bisque (perfect for pairing with our Luxury Grilled Cheese with Gruyere, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Fontina cheese and arugula with an herbed spread on sourdough bread), as well as two kickin’, takes on seasoned fries: Either the peppery Nashville Fries or the Mediterranean-inspired Spicy Garlic Parmesan Fries.
Flavorful Family Dining
Our family dining options have seen some of the most dramatic changes. For the more sophisticated parental palates, we are introducing Grilled Mediterranean Chicken or Shrimp with Fresh Seasoned Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Seasoned Potatoes and Feta Arugula Salad. This dish is a lighter, healthier and flavor-packed option for Mom, Dad or a more adventurous Junior.
Bang Bang Calamari Philly Tuna Bites and EdamameBang Bang Calamari Philly Tuna Bites and EdamameBringing along little ones with a slightly less expansive palate? No problem: All kids’ meals now include a drink, snack and entree with side for one low price and have kid-tested and approved favorites like Toasted PB&J Uncrustables™, Grilled Chicken or Cheeseburger Sliders, and honest-to-goodness Kraft™ Mac & Cheese.
These are just a smattering of the mouth-watering new dishes debuting on our updated menu - we’re still serving our time-tested favorites like burgers, brick oven pizzas, steak tips, wings and more. To check out our menu and make a reservation for you and your closest, get in touch today!

New Logo, New Slogan, New Era: Meet the new KINGS

In celebration of KINGS BOWL AMERICA’S 15th anniversary and the opening of our 11th and flagship location in the Boston-Seaport, we are proud to present the great leap forward for the little company born in the heart of Boston-- complete with a new logo and slogan.  Moving forward, “Kings Bowl America” will be known as KINGS Dining & Entertainment.
Kings Dining New Logo 2017
"KINGS has been on an incredible journey since we established in 2002,” says Chief Operating Officer Josh Rossmeisl.  “As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve evolved tremendously based on the analysis and the feedback of our loyal guests in every market in which we operate.  Our culinary program has become the centerpiece of the memorable social experience that really makes us unique in this segment."
"People are looking for more than just a place to eat - they want to be entertained because eating out is not just for special occasions anymore,” Rossmeisl adds. “Our entertainment options have now grown far beyond bowling.  The new logo and change in slogan to ‘KINGS Dining & Entertainment’ as well as the branding transition reflect this evolution and match what we’ve evolved into - a first-class restaurant that has entertainment."
KINGS’ roots date back to Boston’s Back Bay with THE first and the original boutique bowling alley.  Renowned nightlife maven, restaurateur and KINGS founder Patrick Lyons sought to combine his nostalgic fondness for the golden age of bowling with an unmistakably modern flair.  Informed by his background and expertise in dining and nightlife, Lyons created a new brand of Dining & Entertainment, offering a chic lanes and lounge experience along with a high-quality food and craft beverage program.
Kings Dining New Logo 2017 2
As time went on, we’ve grown and expanded, yet never lost sight of what makes KINGS so special and beloved by our guests.  From the single location in Boston’s bustling Back Bay, the company now boasts 11 locations across 5 states.  With each opening, we’ve tested new dining and entertainment options tailored to the culture of the location.  Each new location has been met with incredibly positive feedback as the name KINGS becomes synonymous with an unforgettable experience. 
In that time, our culinary program went from an add-on to compliment the entertainment to the central component of our guest experience. Time and time again, feedback from guests reveals that, while the lanes and games may have been what brought them in initially, it’s the fresh, creative food that keeps them coming back. Where many restaurants are content with a static menu of tried-and-true offerings, we are constantly evolving our menu. Expertly-trained executive chefs are always studying the latest food trends, collecting guest feedback and testing new, tantalizing dishes to further develop the menu and deliver a depth of flavor and quality unique to KINGS.
With KINGS’ scratch kitchen garnering dozens of awards and routinely making lists of top destination dining venues, our goal is to set a new standard for high quality dining and entertainment. KINGS is a place where you’re more likely to smell baby back ribs smoking than shoe spray, where brick ovens for pizzas, wings and bread baked daily are a centerpiece to kitchens where microwaves do not exist.  
While bowling remains at the heart of the KINGS experience, 2017 finds our entertainment options expanded far beyond the bowling lanes it was built around. Timeless games such as billiards, shuffleboard, skee ball, ping pong, giant Jenga, air hockey, foosball and specially curated retro video games can be found at various locations. Select locations take this entertainment even further, offering live music rooms, movie theaters, private karaoke suites, sports bars and “barcades”.  
Combined with industry-leading HD sound and visuals, this creates the ultimate atmosphere for people to gather, put their phones down, enjoy each other’s company and create a memorable experience. All this is to honor the way KINGS has evolved over the past 15 years, while paying homage to our roots.
Most importantly, you cannot have great food or entertainment without the greatest people:  KINGS’ Senior Management Team boasts over 300 years combined experience and nearly 85% of KINGS’ store level managers, culinary leadership and event planners have been promoted from within.  A company built by the people that run it is not something you see every day, and the passion the teams have is reflected in their service and the passion they have for the brand.  
The new KINGS is the culmination of 15 years of hard work, an obsessive attention to detail and a commitment to continuous improvement -- making it the perfect destination for a family outing, a date night, a corporate event, a night on the town, or simply a place to unwind after a long day at work. Come see the dawning of a bright new day for KINGS. 

AlannaObsessed With the Guest: Meet Kings Burlington Server Alana Carroll

For Kings team members, 2018 has been known as “The Year of Guest Obsession” with our company’s energy and efforts focused on ways to improve and optimize the experience for our guests.  With all company initiatives aligned in this common focus, one of the most exciting and important is the “OWG” awards program in which Kings’ leadership team recognizes notable and impressive acts of guest obsession with a pin and a signed letter.  Every three months, we hold a live webcast awards ceremony for our “OWG” pin winners to further recognize and give away some big prizes.  Meet the most recent ceremony’s top winner, the very deserving and incredible Alana Carroll.   
Meet Alana 
When describing what it means to go above and beyond when taking care of a guest, Alana Carroll - server at Kings Burlington and recent recipient our most recent quarterly “Obsessed With the Guest” raffle prize - cuts right to the core of putting someone at ease.
“I call all my guests my best friends,” Alana says, laughing (careful, that laughter of hers can be infectious). “I say, ‘You’re all my best friends in the whole entire world, so what are we celebrating?’ That’s the big thing that I’m known for at Kings. I treat guests like we’ve been friends for 20 years.”
She’s not just blowing smoke either: Her naturally warm personality and boundless positive energy instantly makes you feel like you have something to celebrate, even if it’s just getting through another long day at work. Her friends and colleagues all point to her as a shining example of the kind of customer service that makes Kings so special and welcoming. 
Where You Want to Be
Alana’s journey to #OWG win started the first time she stepped foot in Kings. Before being hired, she had spent a few years staying home and take care of her family. It was at a party for one of her friends, also a Kings employee, that Alana felt an instant connection to the Kings atmosphere.
“A friend of mine was having a 40th birthday party at Kings,” Alana said. “The music was going, the people were just so fun. I called my friend the very next day and said ‘I love it there, that’s where I want to be.’”
Alana applied and was quickly hired as a server, where her fun-loving, outgoing attitude shined through. For Alana, working isn’t just something you have to do, it’s something she wants to do
“This is what I enjoy doing,” she says, “I enjoy coming here. I look forward to it. I think people can tell if you are working because you ‘have to’ or if you’re loving what you do.”
When it came time for Kings to give out the #OWG award recognizing the team members who up the ante when it comes to serving the guest - and brings with it a grand prize of a JetBlue flight for the winner and a guest to anywhere, 3 night paid hotel stay, spending cash and a fully paid shift - Alana certainly as deserving of the many of the candidates in the running. In fact, when her OWG grand prize win was announced, the other team members eligible for the award told Alana flat out that they were pulling for her.
“Everyone that night, from my past managers to co-workers, came up to me and said, ‘I couldn’t have picked a person who deserved it more.’”
Alana says that it’s that kind of recognition of above-and-beyond commitment to serving the guest that makes Kings such a special place to work - and it was the recognition that moved her the most.
“Honestly, that meant more to me than winning the trip,” she says. “That was my biggest prize out of that night.”
More Than Just a Prize
For Alana, being recognized with the OWG award meant more to her than just a prize and a long-weekend getaway. True to who she is, she sees the award as an opportunity to make someone who needed some cheering up happy.
“When I was given the award, I had just had a family member get a bad diagnosis, bad news,” she says. “I asked them, ‘If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?’ They said they’d never seen the Grand Canyon. I hadn’t either, so I decided that’s where I’d take them.”
Of course, “It’s doesn’t hurt it’s pretty close to Las Vegas,” Alana says with a wink. 
Think you have what it takes to deliver unparalleled service and turn a simple night out in a celebration for our guests? Join our ever-expanding team of guest obsessives and you could get a chance at winning a trip!