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International Women’s Day

From the very start, KINGS was built on a desire to create an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience for our guests - but that’s all in front of the curtain. Behind the scenes, the key to our success, growth and longevity has always been our people. 
Over fifteen years after our very first location opened in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, we are humbled by the parade of top-notch talent that we’ve had the privilege of hiring in every department of the company: Whether it’s our executive team, our events team, management, operations, back or front of house, hosts, bartenders or servers, the company we are today owes it all to their hard work and dedication.
In honor of International Women’s Day, KINGS would like to pay tribute to the gumption and innovation of the female members of our staff. Their intelligence, talent and determination allows us everyday to create a better experience for our guests and grow as a company. In particular, we wanted to tell the story of three key members of our executive team who, along with countless other women, have lent us their unique backgrounds and perspectives and - in turn - seen their work enrich and enhance the lives of employees at every level of KINGS.

Jennifer Fitzgerald: Limitless Potential

For KINGS Director of Beverage Operations Jennifer Fitzgerald, strong, intelligent women have always been part of the fabric of KINGS’ culture.
“From the executive team to in-store managers, there are women everywhere at KINGS,” Jennifer said. Jennifer says she never felt singled out or treated differently for her gender; instead, she felt that, starting as a bartender at KINGS second location, the attention paid to her was all about recognizing her potential as a diligent worker and dedicated leader - and challenging her to take on a greater role in the organization.
“There were a few times that Josh [Rossmeisl, KINGS Chief Operating Officer] came to me and asked me if I was interested in a manager’s position because I was a leader behind the bar, even if I wasn’t anyone’s direct boss,” Jennifer says, “It actually happened three different times. Josh would say, ‘Just let me know when you’re ready.’” 
After a time, Jennifer says that she felt ready to take on greater responsibilities, rising to store manager before finally taking over the beverage department. This kind of career trajectory - from front/back of house operations staff to high-level roles within KINGS - was, and remains, a fairly common experience for KINGS employees.
“Most of us on the executive team all came from hourly positions. When we took on larger roles, we were all new to what we were doing. We were figuring it out as we went along.”
Jennifer praises the fact that newly christened leaders were “allowed to try things that we weren’t sure were going to work,” helping set the course for how this growing company would function and identifying the ways to best do the job. This willingness to take risks on a new idea remains a core precept of the company to this day.
So what, in her over 15 years in the industry, is Jennifer most proud of? Simple: The people she’s worked with and their seemingly limitless potential.
“The majority of people that work in my department get promoted,” she laughs. “Whether they go on to work for the marketing department or front of house manager, general or regional manager, 90 percent of the people in my department, if they so desire, end up moving up the chain at KINGS. It’s a blessing and a curse since I always have to find new people!”

Erin Callahan: Teaching the Mentors

For Erin Callahan, VP of Operations Technology, what makes KINGS a great place to work isn’t just giving employees the freedom to think outside the box. True, she’s had to think creatively to develop new systems and technological integrations for nearly a dozen locations. But for her, what matters above all else is finding the right people.
“A big part of it for us is finding the people that are passionate about a certain niche of what we have going on, a certain aspect. It could be sports, technical or marketing,” Erin says. “We build on that, continuing to develop on people in their personal growth.”
Erin talks about how developing talent comes down to taking time to find the right people, people that care and have a positive attitude. What makes KINGS so successful, according to Erin, is an awareness of the makeup and culture of the team itself: the backgrounds of each employee, their interests, their passions, their skills and - most importantly - their capacity to teach others, not just be taught.
“Being a leader at KINGS means being a mentor. Part of what we teach our team members is how to mentor someone else,” she says. “A lot of the time we say ‘You can’t hold on to knowledge. You have to teach someone else how to do it.’ We want them to give someone else the trust that we put in them to start.”

Ashley Fitzpatrick: Challenges, Change and Empowerment

As the Senior Director of Team Training & Empowerment, watching KINGS expand from two Massachusetts locations to nearly a dozen was exactly the kind of growth and opportunity Ashley Fitzpatrick is drawn to. 
“Changes makes a lot of people very scared and uncomfortable, but for me it was never that way,” Ashley says cheerfully. “I see change as a challenge and I love a challenge. That’s why I love what I do. I’m constantly working in different locations, with different team members, traveling. Things are always evolving and my days are never the same.”
Working directly with new hires and essentially interacting with nearly every member of KINGS ever-growing staff, Ashley says that what has allowed KINGS to expand at such an impressive pace is the culture of success.
“Our culture is very important to us, and our culture is determined by the attitude of everyone who works here.” Ashley echoes Erin’s sentiment that KINGS thrives on employees that are receptive to learning and teaching others, adding that success - whether at KINGS or anywhere else - is embracing personal empowerment. 
“Your success is in your own hands,” she says. “Empowerment is helping people see the qualities within themselves and their lives that they may not even know. It’s about showing them how powerful they are, the endless possibilities they hold within.”
Beyond empowering employees on a daily basis, Ashley sees it as an exciting time for women in the service industry, with many of the obstacles to opportunity being broken down and the culture at large more welcoming for female movers and shakers. 
“My goal is to bring more women to the table,” she says. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, all I care about is where you plan to go.”
The story of KINGS has always been about creating an unparalleled experience for our guests - but we could never have done it without the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff. As Jennifer, Erin and Ashley's experiences have illustrated, we’ve sought not just to find the best and brightest, but to also empower our employees to take chances, push themselves and reach new professional and personal heights. 

In addition to Ashley, Erin and Jennifer, KINGS has amazing women operating at nearly every level of the organization. To learn more about our incredible team, check out this this slide show:

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  • Erin Callahan

    Erin Callahan

    VP of Operations & Technology (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Erin started with Kings in 2006 as the Assistant General Manager in our Back Bay location, when Back Bay was our only location! She has helped to open all 10 venues after Back Bay and has had a huge role in the evolution of the brand. Erin has a love of monkeys and loved to travel to warm places during her time away from Kings. 
  • Jenna Gabriel

    Jenna Gabriel

    Sr. Director of Marketing & Brand Development (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Jenna started with Kings in 2010 working as a server & bartender at Kings Dedham, MA.  Jenna was the first to volunteer for offsite events, community events & was a leader when it came to sales contests and promoting in-store events. When Jenna was offered the opportunity to be the Marketing Manager for Back Bay, MA (Kings #1), she jumped on the opportunity. She moved her way through Regional roles, and found her love for creative, graphic design and special events and has settled in a Director role to overlook these areas for the company.  When Jenna isn't working, she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her friends & family. 
  • Sabrina Spencer

    Sabrina Spencer

    Regional Marketing Manager (Northeast)

    Sabrina started with Kings in 2013 as the Marketing Manager of Kings Lynnfield. She has helped to open 2 additional locations and has had a huge role in the growth of Kings' Marketing Department. She is now the Regional Marketing Manager of the Northeast and is known for her personality, dance move, singing voice and love of people & community relationships. Sabrina enjoys spending time with her family when she's not working, always socializing and having fun! 
  • Kristen Ripley

    Kristen Ripley

    Sr. Director of Events (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Kristen started with Kings in 2006 as a server in Back Bay. When the Dedham location opened 3 years later, she moved into Events and was the Lead Events Manager of Dedham for years before moving into a Regional, and now Sr. Director role. She has been instrumental in shaping the Events department into what it is today, and is known for creating amazing, fun and memorable parties for hundreds of clients over the years! When Kristen isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Delaney, doing crafts and going on adventures! 
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald

    Jennifer Fitzgerald

    Director of Beverage Operations (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Jen Fitzgerald started with Kings in 2010 as a bartender in Dedham, MA. She quickly showed her leadership qualities and moved into management where she oversaw Dedham, then Burlington as an AGM until settling into her Director role, shaping Kings' Beverage department into what it is today. She has a great eye for fun & creative cocktails, and always keeps both the operations and guests in mind while creating beautiful beverage menus. Her favorite thing about Kings has always been teaming new managers and staff about the beverage program.  When Jen isn't working, she loves to cook and play with her daughter, Avery! 
  • Katherine Kecy

    Katherine Kecy

    AP Supervisor (Sr Leadership Team)

    Kathy has been with Kings since 2016 working alongside our accounting & payroll team. She dove into Kings with an open mind, wanting to learn everything and anything about our company, from marketing to operations to events and much more! Outside of her AP responsibilities, Kathy oversees Kings' donation department,  as the Kings Cares Administrator. When asked about what she loves most about Kings, "it's the challenges and the rewards it brings!" When she's not working, Kathy enjoys running, dance, baking and visiting the beach! Fun fact: Kathy is a PADI certified scuba diver!!
  • Margie Axelson

    Margie Axelson

    Regional Sales Manager (Midwest)

    Margie has been with Kings since 2012, helping with the opening of our very first location out of MA, Kings Rosemont, IL. She started with Kings Rosemont as an Event Coordinator, and quickly showed her talent and expertise in event sales! She loves meeting and helping her clients, and all of Kings guests'. She has a great personality and can talk shop about just about anything with anyone.  Fun fact about Margie, she lived in Alaska and worked as a Manager for the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.
  • Ashley Fitzpatrick

    Ashley Fitzpatrick

    Sr. Director of Team Training & Empowerment (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Ashley has been with Kings since 2012 where she started as a server in Dedham, MA. She was a leader on the floor and quickly grew into a Certified Trainer position where she traveled to Orlando, FL to help with the opening of Kings #4.  While in Orlando, FL Ashley quickly realized that's what she wanted to do, travel and train our growing teams. She quickly moved into a Regional training role, and then company-wide training role, and now overlooks the training for all departments - from General Manager and management roles, to servers/bartenders and back of house kitchen staff. She has been an incredible asset to the growth of Kings, and she's only just begun! 
  • Portia Yates

    Portia Yates

    Sr. Director of Team Training & Empowerment (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Portia has been with Kings since 2009, part of the opening team of Kings Dedham (venue #2). She started at Kings as a host and moved into a management role a few years later. Portia took her love for Kings' people, and the culture, and created great systems and training materials that have helped shape Kings over the years. In her spare time, Portia loves to be creative, she loves cooking, designing, listening to old records, and hiking, exploring nature and finding fun adventures!
  • Tiffany Carpenter

    Tiffany Carpenter

    Assistant General Manager (Franklin, TN)

    Tiffany started with Kings in 2016 as a host at Kings Franklin, TN (Kings #9).  She was part of the opening team and very quickly proved her leadership and moved into a management role. Helping to overlook the front desk and reservations. Tiffany was a natural in sales and events, and moved into the Events office as an Event Manager. After excelling in Event Sales and building incredible relationships with clients around the Franklin, TN area, Tiffany moved again, into an Assistant General Manager role! In such a short time, Tiffany has experienced most departments and has been an incredible leader for the Franklin, TN location. She loves to contribute to Kings' culture and growth, always striving to raise the bar and empower her team to be the best they can be.
  • Jessica Theriault

    Jessica Theriault

    Guest Service and Training Manager (Lynnfield, MA)

    Jessica joined the Kings Lynnfield team in 2016 as a server. She was a great asset to the team and was a leader in events and guest service while on the floor. She has always enjoyed the Kings culture and its team-oriented structure. Jessica took her talent for guest service to another level when she was promoted to management and is now Lynnfield's Guest Service & Training Manager. She enjoyed teaching the staff and pushing them to be their best. When she's not working, Jessica loves spending time with her three younger siblings! 
  • Jen Clarke

    Jen Clarke

    General Manager (Back Bay-Boston, MA)

    Jen joined the Kings team in 2015 as a Sr. Floor Manager in Back Bay. After many years in the service industry, she brought her talents to Kings and was a leader within the management team, helping to develop the restaurants & reservation systems for the company. She transferred to Kings Dedham, MA location for a year before settling back into Back Bay as the General Manager. She loves Kings' culture, and the family atmosphere it has, along with it's commitment to developing their people. When she's not working, Jen enjoys spending time with her family, especially her twin nieces! 
  • Samantha Beaugrand

    Samantha Beaugrand

    Regional Sales Manager (Northeast)

    Samantha is one of two of Kings' OG's!!  She opened Kings Back Bay in 2003 as a server and was a fierce leader on the floor. She built incredible relationships with her guests and was an incredible server when it came to Kings' events. When Kings started to grow, Samantha moved into the Events position in Back Bay. She has traveled and helped with the opening and training of all Kings' Event Teams over the past 15 years. She has booked thousands of events over the years and has long lasting relationships with clients in and around the Boston-area! When Samantha isn't booking Big Parties (BP's), she enjoys training for tough mudders, going to the beach and wining & dining! 
  • Catherine Elliott

    Catherine Elliott

    Sr. Floor Manager (Rosemont, IL)

    Catherine (Cat) joined the Kings team in Rosemont, IL in 2016 as a host. Due to Kings' fast paced environment, Cat quickly broke out of her shell and became a rock star at the front desk. She enjoyed providing guests with the best possible experience whether it be in person, or over the phone. She was quickly identified as a leader and moved into a management role where she excelled quickly. Cat is always looking for ways to make her guests happy and is always thinking outside the box. When she's not at work, she loves exercising & shopping. Fun fact: She has a twin sister!
  • Christina Suntrup

    Christina Suntrup

    Assistant General Manager (Rosemont, IL)

    Chistina (Chrissy) joined the Kings Rosemont team in 2014 as a bartender. She was a rockstar behind the bar and was always willing to learn new things when it came to Kings' systems and routines. Due to her leadership skills and eagerness to learn, she moved into management where she quickly became a great leader to the Rosemont team. Helping with the renovations of Rosemont's lounge into the new and improved Draft Room, Chrissy has helped Kings Rosemont become the areas leading Sports Bar Venue! When Chrissy isn't working, she enjoys building her sneaker collection and eating DONUTS (she loves donuts)!
  • Jacqui Getz

    Jacqui Getz

    Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition (Sr. Leadership Team)

     Jacqui joined the Kings team in 2009 in Dedham, MA as a server working part-time. By day she was the owner of a boutique store, Cheeky Diva. Jacqui became a member of the Kings family quickly, having a background in retail management and sales, she grew into the company's first corporate sales director position. As Kings continued to grow, it became clear that Jacqui was a true leader with maintaining our staff and management's expectations and happiness, and has since moved into the Talent Acquisition role, bringing in new team memebers every day to our various locations! In Jacqui's spare time, she loves spending time with her dad, friends & family. She also loves going to the beach, concerts and traveling. 
  • Hailey DeLima

    Hailey DeLima

    General Manager (Raleigh, NC)

    Hailey started with Kings in 2014 as a host in Burlington, MA, moving quickly into a server position in Dedham, MA. She was fierce, smart, eager to learn and grow. After about a year, Hailey moved into management and excelled the training program quickly. She worked between all MA locations (Boston, Dedham, Lynnfield & Burlington), to where she was promoted to General Manager of Back Bay, before taking her skills to our Raleigh, NC location. She loves that Kings has endless opportunities and loves more the people she works with every day. In her spare time, Hailey enjoys finding new restaurants, relaxing and going to the movies. 
  • Ashley Lynch

    Ashley Lynch

    Sr. Guest Service & Training Manager (Dedham, MA)

    Ashley joined the Kings team in 2015 as a bartender in Burlington, MA. Her positive, friendly vibes made her fun and easy to work with and around. She was always willing to step up and help the management team, and had a huge hand int he evolution of Kings' Beverage program, helping Jen Fitz trial and error cocktails. Ashley was promoted to management, and worked between various Kings locations, helping to develop the staff. She's currently working as a Sr. Manager in Dedham, where she'll always say her favorite part of Kings is that we're all about our people and guests, and making sure everyone is happy. When she's not working, Ashley enjoys going to the beach. Fun Fact: She used to ride horses and compete! 
  • Marleny Castillo

    Marleny Castillo

    Executive Kitchen Manager (Burlington, MA)

    Meet Marleny Castillo aka Chef Ingrid! Chef has been with Kings since 2016 and has grown quickly through the culinary ranks, developing a team-oriented culture in our kitchens and helping to drive our mission of serving incredible food to our guests. Chef Ingrid has helped to create and perfect some of our best menu items and best practices and is always looking for ways to improve her team so she can continue to grow within our culture. When Chef Ingrid isn't creating beautiful art in our kitchens, she's at home with her 2 beautiful children and husband! 
  • Allie Conlon

    Allie Conlon

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Burlington/Lynnfield, MA)

    Allie started with Kings in 2015 as a host in Burlington, MA. Allie learned quickly and was always looking for more challenges. She loved making guests happy and being a leader when it came to training new staff. When the opportunity presented itself, Allie jumped to join the Events team in Burlington where she again learned quickly and became a great asset to the team. Allie has since moved into a Sr. Event Sales Manager position, where she loves a good competition, as well as training new team members. In her space time, Allie enjoys traveling with her friends and is always up for a fun adventure! 
  • Jessica Rooks

    Jessica Rooks

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Raleigh, NC)

    Jessica started at Kings North Hills in 2016 as an Event Coordinator. She immersed herself in the culture, getting to know everything about operations, culinary and service to make herself better at her job of booking and selling events! She has taken the Event's program in North Hills to great levels and has since been promoted to Sr. Event Sales Manager of Kings Raleigh - North HIlls. She's a great leader, and always willing to help, no matter what the project is. Jessica loves that no two days are the same, and she enjoys that Kings empowers her to be creative and do what it takes to ensure that all guests have the best experience ever at Kings. When she's not working, she loves spending time with her fiance, animals, mountain biking and checking out local breweries. Fun Fact: Jess went to the same high school as Michael Jordan! 
  • Taylor Cormier

    Taylor Cormier

    Beverage Manager (Burlington, MA)

    Taylor started with Kings in 2015 as a bartender in Lynnfield, MA. Due to her great personality, creative marketing & sales skills, and eagerness to learn, she quickly excelled and was asked to join the management team. Taylor worked her way through various management positions where she helped to develop systems and routines to make each department easier on Kings' operations team. She has worked within all MA Kings locations and is now the Beverage Manager in Burlington, MA. Taylor loves that Kings has endless opportunities and will create new leadership positions for the right indivual. . Fun Fact about Taylor: she was Miss East Cost for Tournament Paintball! 
  • Rachel Newkirk

    Rachel Newkirk

    Talent Acquisition Administrator (Leadership Team)

    Rachel has been with Kings since 2016 working alongside our Hiring and Training team. She has her hands in all departments and has been an incredible asset to the team and the growth of the company over the past 2 years.  Rachel loves that no day is the same at Kings! When she's not working, she enjoys baking, watching movies and exploring new and fun restaurants! 
  • Stephanie Axelson

    Stephanie Axelson

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Lincoln Park, IL)

    Stephanie joined the Kings Rosemont team in 2015 as a host. Stephanie quickly became part of the Kings family and was always willing to help and lend a hand. She loved to talk with guests over the phone and in person about the various event options. She was a great asset to the Events Team, always willing to learn more about their daily tasks. Stephanie quickly jumped at the opportunity to join the events team when it was offered and has since been a great addition to both the Rosemont & Lincoln Park, IL teams. Stephanie has also taken lead on creating the catering menu for the company, a program that will be a great addition to the events department. When Steph isn't booking parties and creating great memories, you can find her biking or watching scary movies in front of her fireplace! 
  • Maria Elizabeth Lemos

    Maria Elizabeth Lemos

    Office Manager (Seaport-Boston, MA)

    Maria (aka Beth) is 1 of 2 members of the original team that opened Kings in 2002 (she's a Kings OG!!).  Starting as a Wait Assistant at Kings' Back Bay location. She has built our wait assistant team to be the incredible, fast-paced team they are today. Helping to create the sense of urgency and the systems in place to help them excel. Due to her attention to detail and leadership skills, Beth was promoted to Office Admin. Over the years, she has helped to improve the administrative tasks for the operations & culinary team. With the opening of Kings Seaport-Boston, Beth moved from her home venue in Back Bay to join the team in Seaport.  Beth has a great sense of humor and tends to brighten the day of everyone on the team. When she's not working, Beth enjoys spending time with her family and doing arts & crafts!
  • Kristina Forbes Pagliccia

    Kristina Forbes Pagliccia

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Seaport-Boston, MA)

    Kristina joined the Kings team in 2014 as an Event Coordinator of Kings Burlington. She had a great attitude and personality and quickly emersed herself into the Kings world. She moved to Kings Back Bay to join the Events Team shortly after joining us, where she quickly became one of the leading sales managers.  Kristina developed incredible relationships over the years with both the Kings team and her clients. She was the first to raise her hand to get involved with off-site events and always excelled in projects and tasks. Kristina was promoted to Sr. Event Sales Manager when Kings #11 opened in Seaport-Boston, MA. She worked day and night and helped the team through one of the greatest openings & holiday season in Kings history! When Kristina isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family and daughter, Kacey! 
  • Rachael Vallie

    Rachael Vallie

    Assistant General Manager (Seaport-Boston, MA)

    Rachael joined the Kings team in 2014 as a host in Lynnfield, MA. where her excitement for Kings was contagious. Rachael always has a smile on her face and loved talking with guests and ensuring each and every person in the venue was having a great time! She was a leader when it came to guest recovery, taking it into her own hands to make sure everyone left happy and a raving fan of Kings. Rachael was asked to join the management team, which she accepted with open arms and was eager to learn everything. She worked between most MA locations, and has worked between all management positions. What she loves the most about Kings is that she's still able to learn every day, and now has the ability to teach and train others. When she's not working, she loves spending time with her family and hanging out with her niece and nephew. Fun Fact: She was on Wheel of Fortune with her sister!
  • Chloe Taylor

    Chloe Taylor

    Beverage Manager (Rosemont, IL)

    Chloe joined the Kings team in 2017 as a Sr. Floor Manager. She brought with her extensive knowledge from being in the restaurant and entertainment industry for years. She quickly became a great member of the Rosemont team, and has helped to develop systems, routines and the team. With the new expansion of The Draft Room in Rosemont, Chloe, as the Beverage Manager, has been working hard to continue to develop an incredible curated beer list. She enjoys building new relationships and participating in beverage competitions off-site to prove that Kings is the best entertainemnt destination in the Rosemont area! When she's not working, Chloe enjoys playing video games and overwatching her favorite TV shows!
  • Maria Espinosa

    Maria Espinosa

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Miami-Doral, FL)

    Maria joined the Kings team in 2017 as an Event Coordinator to our Miami-Doral, FL location. Maria spent time in our MA locations training before we opened our Miami-Doral location in May of 2017. Maria has been a great asset to the team in Miami-Doral, having many years of experience in the entertainment and event sales industry. Maria is known for adding those special touches to all of her events, and making sure that every detail is perfected before events arrive!  When Maria isn't working, she enjoys boating, fishing and spending time with her family. 
  • Angela O'Neal

    Angela O'Neal

    Sr. Event Sales Manager (Dedham, MA)

    Angela joined the Kings Dedham team in 2014 as a server. She was known for upselling events on the spot to enhance their experience whether it be trophy's for the winning team or dessert packages to add that sweet choice to a memorable event. Angela was asked to join the Events team when it was known that she had an incredible natural talent when it came to sales. Since joining the events team in Dedham, she has helped to develop systems, has been the leader in submitting feedback to help improve existing programs, and has also been a great trainer, spending time with new hires. When Angela isn't working, she enjoys going salsa dancing, singing karaoke and spending time with her friends & family!
  • Roxanne Wallace

    Roxanne Wallace

    Sr. Floor Manager (Lincoln Park-Chicago, IL) 

    Roxanne joined the Kings team in 2017, bringing with her years of nightlife and restaurant experience from the Chicago area. She immediately dove in and helped to create a street team in her location, motivating everyone to get out of the venue and help promote Kings Lincoln Park which opened in a brand new development. Roxanne is full of energy and creative ideas to drive new guests, whether it be themed nights or specials to the food & beverage program. When Roxanne isn't at work, she enjoys working out, collecting tattoos, refurbishing her 100 year odl home and walking her 2 pitbulls! 
  • Rebecca Gallant

    Rebecca Gallant

    Assistant General Manager (Burlington, MA)

    Becky joined the Kings team in 2014 as a host in Lynnfield, MA. alongside a great team. She picked up quickly on Kings' love for their guests and commitment to the communities they're in. Due to her incredible attention to detail and mission to create great memories for the guest, Becky was quickly identified as a leader and joined the management team within a year. Becky helped to develop the Marketing Floor Manager role into what it is today. She was a leader with off-site events and was happy to take on Kings Cares administrative tasks to help develop Kings Cares charitable program. From there she moved between various other positions and has worked in most MA locations. She is now the Assistant General Manager in Burlington, MA and enjoys that every day is different, and that she has the opportunity to empower and grow her staff to follow her lead. When she's not working, she enjoys watching movies & TV shows. Fun Fact: Becky is a HUGE Harry Potter fan! 
  • Melissa Davis

    Melissa Davis

    Director of Events Training & Technology (Sr. Leadership Team)

    Melissa joined the team in Burlington as an Event Coordinator in 2015. She brought with her years of event experience and quickly picked up on Kings' event program and systems. Melissa quickly identified systems that could be beneficial to the Kings Events team and raised her hand to help the leadership team develop these systems. In the year that these systems have been in place, the admin duties and booking processes have improved tremendously!  Melissa is now in a position where she can continue to improve and expand on these systems and is traveling to various locations helping to train our teams to be the best they can be! Fun Fact about D-List Davis: She's gone skydiving twice in Aruba!

Interested in reaching your full potential? KINGS is always looking to add to our diverse staff of motivated individuals at locations nationwide. To learn more about career opportunities at KINGS, click here!


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