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† While our goal is to allow for a great dining experience despite special modifications you make and requests you have, please note that Kings staff are not trained in the intricacies of all allergies and food sensitivities. We ask that you consider this as you make your selections and requests. Please ask for the manager on duty as an additional resource to help ensure your requests are met to the extent we are able.

We offer several "Gluten Sensitive", vegetarian and vegan options and can modify most dishes to your needs & requirements. The gluten sensitive items are inherently gluten-free, though these items may not be suitable for the most highly sensitive or gluten-intolerant guests. While we take steps to avoid cross-contamination, we operate a scratch kitchen with shared cooking and preparation areas — including our ovens, fryers and grills — so we are unable to guarantee or eliminate all possible cross-contamination. Kings is not “certified gluten-free,” or Vegan Kitchen and our core products contain items that may conflict with your needs.