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1 • Make a reservation by following the link below OR call ahead to make your 'Dine Then Bowl' reservation.

2 • ‘Dine Then Bowl’ Reservations must be confirmed by a Kings reservation associate in advance of your arrival.

3 • Once your party is finished with your dining experience, you will be moved to the top of the bowling waiting list*

Please Note:  Dine Then Bowl Reservations made through OpenTable must be confirmed by a Kings Reservation Associate in advance of arrival. OpenTable reservations secure a table in our restaurant only, bowling is based on availability and must be confirmed by a Kings Reservation Associate prior to your arrival. For immediate Dine Then Bowl inquiries, please call your Kings location for Dine Then Bowl availability. 

*Priority waiting list only for those reservations that are confirmed in advance by a Kings Reservation Associate.  A limited number of Dine Then Bowl reservations are available each night.

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