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Raleigh - NC

Venue Features

a woman standing in front of a store


Bowling Prices

5 players per lane

Monday -  Thursday

$17 per person 

Fridays & Saturdays  

Before 6 PM $19 per person 

After 6 PM $25  per person


$19 per person

1-2 Players = 60 minutes

3-4 Players = 75 minutes

5 players 90 minutes



a person sitting at a table with a cake

2-Player Air Hockey

a man and a woman standing in a room

4-Player Air Hockey

a group of people sitting at a table


a man standing in a room

Electronic Darts

a group of people playing a video game

Dynamo Foosball

a girl sitting on a wooden table

Regulation Shuffleboard

a person standing in front of a store

1Up Retrocade